According to The Sun, there is a new woman in Ashley Cole’s life… and she’s a a bisexual nymph who admitted to having three boob jobs, and used to be a topless model. Lovely.

Ashley is said to be dating 32-year-old Anna Kelle. Anna is no stranger to fame, and is a Z-Lister in her own right, having appeared on Ladette to Lady and recently MTV’s The Valleys.

The couple’s strange romance apparently started on Twitter, and they’ve been seeing each other for two weeks.

They recently spent the weekend together in London, going for shisha with a big group, then heading over to the Mayfair club before taking a cab to her hotel at the end of the night for a bit of, erm, privacy.

A source said

They separated themselves from the rest of the group. Ashley had his arm around her for most of the night and kept kissing her. They looked smitten and were whispering into each other’s ears.

Anna later tweeted a snap of their fun night together, giving Ashley the nickname ‘Ash’. This must mean they’re pretty friendly, right?

Seems like Anna is waaaaaay different to another famous ex of Ashley’s that everyone know’s and loves. Dare I even say, a downgrade?