The Grammys and BAFTAs took place last night, and of course we all care who won what, who performed what, who said what during their speeches… But we also care about what everyone wore too, do we not?

Looking at both the award ceremonies I’ll be looking at the best (and not so best) dressed of the UK urban stars who were in attendance.


Thandie Newton at the BAFTAs

Thandie Newton wore a Louis Vuitton lace halterneck dress with a high slit to the BAFTAs last night, pairing it with some black criss-cross high heeled sandals and wearing her hair in voluminous curls.

It’s pretty, yes. Thandie looks gorgeous, yes. However, something is missing. I’m just looking at this and feeling a little “meh”.


Estelle at the Grammys

Estelle at the Grammys

Wearing a navy and orange patterned crop top and maxi skirt that was partially designed by herself, Estelle attended the Grammys.

The colours work well against her skintone and the outfit suits her body shape but again, I’m not particularly wowed. I’m loving her hair and simple makeup though, which doesn’t draw attention away from the bold print of her outfit.

Adele at the Grammys

Adele at the Grammys

Oh, this outfit just screams cute, doesn’t it. Everything from the shape, to the print, the high neckline and the matching shoes just makes Adele look like a little doll.

In her floral dress by Valentino, it’s understandable that this outfit choice may not be to everyone’s taste and look a little overdone. However, because the shoes are so tiny, it doesn’t look too much like an overload. But to be honest, I can’t work out if I like it yet or not as it is a very busy print, but it seems to work for Adele (who usually wears black).


Ed Sheeran at the Grammys

Ed Sheeran at the Grammys

Ed Sheeran promised to shut GQ up for naming him as Worst Dressed and wear a suit to this year’s Grammy awards. and I applaud him for it.

It may be a subtle and unnoticable little detail but wearing a navy suit worked wonders for his colouring.

Navy and orange (or ginger) are two colours that compliment each other well so I’m happy that Ed opted for a navy suit instead of black or grey. He also kept true to his casual style with a pair of Nike trainers.

I ain’t mad at that.

Shingai Shinowa and Dan Smith at the BAFTAs

Shingai Shinowa and Dan Smith at the BAFTAs

Shingai isn’t known for being a conservative wallflower when it comes to her fashion, so I wasn’t surprised by her outfit choice for this year’s BAFTAs.

Only thing I can say I would have expected, was for it to be… better.

In a very (very) sheer dress and a fur collar – which I presume was covering her dignity – she matched her bandmate Dan Smith’s wacky styling.

The flowers in her hair got me though as it didn’t really go with the glam image that her dress portrayed.

Best Dressed: Ed Sheeran

Worst Dressed: Everyone else

Our UK ladies let me down yesterday with Ed Sheeran coming out as my best dressed, but as always let me know what you think.

Do you disagree with my choices?