If someone said to you, Look What The Cat Dragged In or mentioned Giggs’ hit single Monsta Man… it’s more than likely that you’ll have heard the songs.

It’s undeniable that what makes both tracks outstanding is the well-known beats that accompany Giggs’ delivery.

I recently caught up with the man behind the hits, Bayoz Muzik (an alternative spelling of his name and occupation; Bayo’s Music), who has also produced for several different artists including Wretch 32.

Far from limiting himself to just Britain, the Nigerian-born musician has additionally worked with a number of popular African artists such as Taiya Soul, JJC and Tilla Man; just to name a few.

Not shying away from the public eye, 28-year-old Bayoz Muzik is set to release his first EP, Death Of A Beat Maker (D.O.B), which is set to be an eclectic composition of music.

The EP will feature the UK’s cream of the crop urban artists such as Giggs, JME, Paigey Cakey, Blade Brown and a surprise US feature, Waka Flocka Flame.


When describing himself to those who are not too familiar with his work Bayoz simply says,

Bayoz Muzik is the name. Music producer, song-writer, looking forward to becoming a DJ very soon.

The ambitious producer who’s all time favourite artist is Nas went on to tell me that he creates mainly hip hop music but also dabbles with other styles and genres. That must be tricky. I asked if he had to make a conscious effort to switch between styles when producing for different genres:

I wouldn’t say consciously… when I make music I’m just interpreting everything that I’ve listened to.

So one day I might just wake and feel like, do you know what? I feel like doing a hip hop track… and then when I’m doing the other stuff as well it’s just basically like, it still got a lot of hip hop influences in there, but it might just sound a bit different.

With that being said, he also revealed that he would work with James Morrison or an artist that doesn’t necessarily make hip hop music because it’s easy for him to make that transition as he has an extensive musical background.

Even though he studied music at school and it’s his passion, Bayoz Muzik was not ashamed to tell us about the time he once got kicked out of music class!

As a 14-year-old boy coming from Lagos Island, what shocked me was the sense of freedom that British kids seemed to have. To me it was as if you could do anything and get away with it in England. It was like no man’s land.

This culture shock is understandable since teachers in the UK prefer to count to 10 then send you to detention rather than giving you a back hand slap and a cane. It was a bit surprising to me then to watch him play coy when asked whether he ever got into trouble with the police

I might have stolen odd Parker pen. And some sweets. But everybody did that as a child, right?

It’s obvious that Bayoz Muzik has a well established affiliation with Giggs. He explained

It all began in a studio in Peckham where I started leaving CDs of my beats after college. Giggs eventually listened [to one] and asked [me about it].

The rest is history!

With the formal introductions aside, it was time to get to know the man behind the music.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and the office preparing for Valentine’s events I asked the man about his views on relationships, and whether he was in one. He told me that he was in a relationship of over a year and told us with confidence what he did with his girlfriend last Valentine’s Day. His reply,

I fucked up big time.

suggests that he must have really messed up as he did not want to elaborate further!

While on the subject of women, he wasn’t afraid to say that he prefers American women in comparison to British women for reasons which are still unclear to me.

For instance, when given a list of popular women made up of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna and Alesha Dixon he immediately placed Rihanna first and Alesha Dixon last!

But it wasn’t all fun and games. It was evident from the beginning that Bayoz Muzik is not a one dimensional character. The talented artist continued to be straight forward and exposed a more vulnerable side to him when discussing his father.

He brought it to light that when he was between the ages of five to ten, his mum and dad separated but fortunately his dad ended up coming back to the family. “That’s what a man is,” according to Bayoz Muzik showing that this is what visibly shaped who he is as a man and artist.

Letting the music speak for itself, Death Of A Beat Maker (D.O.B) is set to be released on Monday 11 February 2013 with two singles from the EP, Soldiers and Lemme Get That, already surfacing online.

Bayoz Muzik exclusively informed Pappzd that the next video to be released will be Fuck You Pay Me featuring Tigga Da Author, Paigey Cakey and TZY.

The uplifting, up-beat track will definitely get you on your feet ready to bust a move or two!

It seems as though the man cannot go wrong at this precise moment and judging by people’s excitement on twitter, Death Of A Beat Maker (D.O.B) is expected to create a major impact!