Beyonce goes for a classic and stripped back look on the cover of British style and purpose magazine, The Gentlewoman for their Spring/Summer 2013 issue.

The magazine only runs two issues a year and focuses highly on fashion that is centred on personal style and the last star to feature on the cover was soul singer Adele.

Bey spoke to the publication about a number of things, including taking control of her own career by being her own manager, citing Madonna as an inspiration and the tough beginnings of setting up her production company, Parkwood Entertainment.


The RnB singer spoke on the lack of women in the music industry taking control of their own careers, saying:

I’m controlling my content, controlling my brand and archiving it for my daughter and making sure she has it and she respects it but there’s not enough of us that become moguls.

She then went on to speak about the early stages of setting up her production company, Parkwood Entertainment, after firing her father as her manager back in 2011.

Since then, the company has helped distribute and produce her latest album 4, as well as all of the music videos from the album, several of her television specials and films, but it wasn’t always easy:

I just have memories of when there was no air conditioning in the new building and we didn’t have an office. It was like camping.

I find this quite interesting, she’s clearly very dedicated and highly involved in every aspect of her career so I wonder if she is able to successfully manage her career, will it influence other female and male artists to do the same?

What do you think? Is it time that artists started to control certain aspects of their career?

Let us know in the comments section how you feel about artists being hands-on in their craft and are they doing enough to ensure they are producing successful products?