Music duo Booty Luv have been absent from the music scene for quite some time now – their last album was released in 2007 – and now the pair are blaming their missing presence from the scene on label politics.

The pair previously put out a single titled Say it in 2009, but went on to reveal they would now release new music independently after having major issues with their former record label, Hed Kandi.

Nadia Shepard of the group confirmed they’ve already recorded 60 songs since their hiatus and the duo are at a great place creatively with their new material.

Cherise Roberts then went on to explain why Booty Luv had been gone for so long, stating that they are under new management:

It has taken us a while to get all the old label politics stuff out of the way, but the groundwork and boring paperwork is done. We’ve spent a lot of time in the studio as well.

The pair’s last album sold a total of 77,000 copies in the UK and was certified silver and with dance music currently dominating charts, there is a possibility their comeback could work, if their material is amazing.

If all goes well, fans of the ex-Big Brovaz duo can expect an album to be released later on this year.