It’s not exactly news in this day and age that there is still a prominent stigma attached to being a plus size woman.

As Britain’s waistline continues to expand, in a bold statement by one of the guest speakers at the Curvaceous Inc magazine launch party last Thursday, she exclaimed… “We are the new normal!”

When some of us think of a model, what normally comes to mind is the size zero, high fashion, Naomi Campbell looking woman that the fashion industry loves to drum into our heads. The curvaceous women at the launch party begged to differ, adding that the fashion world has been limited over the years consisting of too much negativity.

That is where Curvaceous Inc comes into play. This new magazine aims to tackle the negativity experienced by plus size woman across the country by providing them with a place where being big is beautiful and “conforming is boring.”

It seemed as though the general consensus view in the room was that plus size women also deserve to go out and have fun but look good while they are at it, but the fashion industry is very restricting as there is not enough desirable clothes readily available for women over size 18.

Furthermore, the event featured plus size models with the aim of showing “real women with real curves.”

One of the plus size models that proudly strutted her curves down the runway, Olivia Campbell, talked to Pappzd about how being bullied about her size had a major effect on her but now that she is proud of her curves, she wants other people to be more comfortable with themselves.

She said, “everybody deserved to feel amazing.”


Leanna Grave, founder and chief of Curvaceous Inc expressed her frustration about how she never once picked up a magazine and saw someone that looked like her when her weight fluctuated, which gave her inspiration to create this new innovative magazine.

The main message from Curvaceous Inc is “Be Beautiful. Be Proud. Be Curvaceous.”

That’s fair enough!

What do you think? Is plus size the new normal?