Singer and songwriter, Dido has recently faced a public backlash due to claims made that she had attacked Rihanna’s artistic ability to write songs of a high quality, as she releases new albums too often.

A journalist quoted the singer saying:

Rihanna seems to release a new album weekly. Unbelievable! When does she have time to write her songs? I could never release music that means nothing to me.

However, the 41-year-old singer has cleared up the claims on her Tiwtter account branding them as false and even stated that she’s a massive fan of Rihanna’s.

She revealed:


The singer went on to say:


Even if Dido didn’t say what was reported she had said, Rihanna has been known to release albums annually, usually around the November period so I wouldn’t be shocked if we get a new project from the pop star later on this year.

It has been noted that Rihanna receives a lot of help from producers and songwriters to help craft her material but if she continues to produce hits I fail to see the problem!