2013 is set to be a year full of comebacks. As if we weren’t excited enough with So Solid Crew and MKS (formerly known as Sugababes) announcing their returns, we can also be expecting new material from the man that brought us Party Hard in 2009.

Yeah, we can’t believe it’s been that long either.

In what must be the shortest retirement ever, Donaeo has announced that he is back.

In a recent interview with the Independent, the Funky House singer explains why he left the spotlight, and what’s been making his creative juices flow in the meantime.

I didn’t want to quit music, I wanted stop being an artist and do more writing and producing, more background stuff and in 2012 I did a lot more collaboration and behind the scenes work.

Donaeo has been on the music scene for over 13 years, and his first single came out way back in 2002!

Even after a well deserved break from the spotlight, the singer admits he still cant make his mind up when deciding to make a full return to the the spotlight.

I haven’t fully changed my mind. Some days I’m like ‘yeah, fuck being an artist’ and other days I’m like ‘well maybe not, it’s a bit fun’.

Seems like the excitement of being in the media spotlight is overrated for some – and although Donaeo has been collaborating with his Royal ‘Denchness’ Lethal Bizzle in 2012, this year he’ll be stepping back into the spotlight and releasing a single titled Fire.

But by the sound of things he will mostly be looking forward to working with young, British talent.

He tells the Independent:

Right now I just want to concentrate on working with fresh, up-and-coming talent. The youth are the future and they bring new energy into the fold.

Aspiring young talent out there, hurry up and send those mix tapes out to Donaeo before he decides to do another runner!