A mother of two living in Gloucester has been jailed for 40 months after crack cocaine and heroine was found hidden in Cadbury’s chocolate tins in her kitchen.

40-year-old Sophia Bailey was living in the UK illegally and plead guilty to possessing heroine and crack cocaine with the intent to supply. She also pleaded guilty to removing the proceeds of crime after it was discovered that she was sending money to Jamaica to pay fees to send her two children to private school.

She got into drug dealing in the past two years after losing her job which paid her cash in hand.

Judge William Hart said he’d hoped that she’d be deported upon release and also stated:

You are a Jamaican national and of previous good character. Quite why you chose at the age of 38 and with no previous convictions to get involved in this only you can know. I am quite satisfied you approached someone of similar national origin to yourself and you asked to go into business as a ‘sub dealer’ for him.

Gloucester Crown Court also heard that Bailey was also supporting her uncle and her two sick parents back in Jamaica and had absconded from UK Border Agency control in 2008.