Emeli Sande’s debut album, Our Version of Events was declared the best-selling album in the UK in 2012, overtaking the success of Adele’s album, 21 and now the singer is trying to raise the bar even higher by aiming for global success.

In an interview with popular music blog, That Grape Juice, the singer revealed that she’s very happy with the success of her album in the UK and says the album is starting to become well received in Europe, but believes the project will reach new heights in good timing:

I’ve been doing a lot of shows and letting things happen naturally so I think everything will fall into place.

She then spoke on the difficulty of trying to crack the US market:

You really can’t go over there for a month or two, you know, you really have to invest a huge chunk of your life to make it happen. I think if you put out great music and you’re patient and willing to put the work in, it’ll work out.

As for new music, she also revealed that she plans to continue to write throughout 2013 while she continues to tour the world in support of her debut album.

Our Version of Events has already sold more than one million copies in the UK, since it’s 10 February 2012 release.

It seems as if Emeli could become the second coming of Adele if she continues to push steady numbers; it should also be noted that Adele didn’t really see commercial success until her second album was released so Emeli still does have time to develop and grow as an artist.

Do you think Emeli will be able to match Adele’s global sales and pop culture impact?

I’m not quite sure she contains some of the key elements that are apart of Adele’s package, such as her down-to-earth, loud personality, but Emeli definitely has time to prove herself.