Since the commercial failure of her second studio album, Heatbreak on Hold, many believed that Alexandra Burke’s career was more or less done, but the 24-year-old singer has confirmed she is working on a third album that will be heavily inspired by gospel music.

Alexandra noted that she has recently been inspired by legendary singers, Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday and hopes to inject some soulful sounds similar to her idols on her next project.

The singer went on to say she hopes to educate the younger generation of music listeners to sounds of music that seem to be currently absent in the industry:

Our generation and people who are younger than me, they don’t really know where music started from, because some of them haven’t been taught that.

She also spoke about digging deeper and doing some thorough soul searching to ensure the material on her new album showcases her growth as an artist:

I want to show growth in me as a young woman and I am at the point where I’m digging deep, deeper than I’ve ever dug before.

I have a few problems with Alexandra Burke as an artist. The first being that although I feel she has the vocal ability to pull off a soul/gospel album, since her X Factor win she has built her career around being a pop star.

So the transition to a sound that is marketed towards a much smaller audience will definitely be difficult, considering she struggles to sell albums in the first place.

Also, I’m not sure she knows what type of artist she wants to be. If she completely abandons the sound she began to develop since her first album, she’s at risk of losing the few fans she has left.

Lastly, she’ll have to adapt to a new image if she’s going to delve into her desired genres, have you ever seen a soul or gospel singer wear a 2-piece bikini in a music video? Didn’t think so.

How do you feel about Alexandra trying out the different genres? Will it work? Do people even care?

Let us know in the comments section as always.