Not long ago, we reported that N-Dubz Fazer was expecting a child anytime soon with his girlfriend Ashley Emma.

And now, it would seem his girlfriend has given birth because Kaye Vassell, the mother of Dappy’s two children, tweeted:


A pretty straightforward congratulatory tweet. Until you head over to Fazer’s page, which around the same time says:


Of course, no one’s banning him from going to Westfield or having homemade chicken soup (yum), I was just thinking that he’d be a little too preoccupied to do such things, you know, with his first baby possibly being delivered and such.

So… is there a baby or not? Surely Kaye hasn’t got it wrong? She did blatantly mention a baby in that tweet. Or maybe the baby was born a while ago? Or maybe it’s here but Fazer’s soup craving was just that strong?

So many questions.

Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to keep an eye on this one.