Similar loaf of bread brought by shocked mother

Similar loaf of bread brought by shocked mother

We have all heard the stories of people finding disgusting things in their food and more recently, the horse meat burgers at supermarkets.

Now it has come to light that a mother found a blood stained heroin needle in her loaf of bread in December last year, that she bought from a Tesco’s Extra in Pendleton, Greater Manchester, whilst she made sandwiches for her 10-year-old son.


Tesco's Extra - Pendleton, Greater Manchester

Tesco’s Extra – Pendleton, Greater Manchester

It is reported that the needle was planted and pushed through the wrapping of the loaf by a 61-year-old grandfather, David Rodgers of Salford, Greater Manchester, who was trying to hide his nasty habit from his wife. Tut tut.

The case against Rodger’s has now been adjourned for pre-sentence reports at the Manchester Magistrates Court, where Rodgers could face prison.

I’m not only shocked that someone found a needle in their bread but also by the fact that it was planted by a pensioner granddad!

What is this world coming to?