Image © Norman Jean Roy

Everybody’s favourite British actor Idris Elba can be seen gracing the latest edition of British GQ magazine along with an accompanying photoshoot.

In the interview with GQ, Idris talks about not being able to see himself as a sex symbol.

Even though I must say, he does look very comfortable giving the camera some sexy-eye.

Talking to GQ, the 40-year-old actor says:

You watch yourself age and it’s hard to feel like a sex symbol.


Image © Norman Jean Roy

Also, addressing rumors of him possibly being the next James Bond, Idris says:

It’s a rumor. And, I have to tell you, if the producers of Bond thought that I was self-campaigning, it would be such a turn-off. I’m flattered, obviously but I’ve been advised to just pipe down about it.

It’d be cool to see a black James Bond. However, Idris expressed how he did not want to be labelled as such; should he ever become cast for the role, saying he didn’t go to America:

…to play black roles. I just came to play roles.


Image © Norman Jean Roy

See the rest of this feature and interview in the March issue of British GQ, on sale Thursday 7 February.