Jamelia doing her acting thing

Jamelia doing her acting thing

Jamelia has been out of the spotlight for a couple of years, occasionally doing the odd celeb game show.

But tonight we discover her hidden passion, as she makes her TV debut in the second series of BBC One’s Death in Paradise’.

And she won’t be playing an extra, oh no.

She plays the character Aimee. A Caribbean singer who was mysteriously murdered whilst singing to her audience on stage.


According to the Daily Mail, Jamelia said she was so excited to be working with such a talented cast,

Not only did I film in a great drama for my first TV role but I did it in the Caribbean too!

And unlike some stars, who are just not as talented as they think, the Executive Producer Belinda Campbell added,

We have a wonderful cast for Death In Paradise. Jamelia in particular was such a surprise find; she is not only a talented singer but actress too.

Well I never.

Sneaky peak of Jamelia's dress

Sneaky peek of Jamelia’s dress

Now if you have Jamelia on Instgram you will remember her posting these pictures back in June. At least we now know what the hell she was going on about.

View from Jamelia's room during shooting in June last year.

View from Jamelia’s room during shooting in June last year.

I thought she was just on holiday…

Ahh, well I’m glad to see that the Jamelia is back and that even though she is now working on her acting career, she is still holding onto her singing roots.

If you want to catch Jamelia in action, tune onto BBC One at 9pm tonight. I want to see just how good an actress she really is.