As Jessie J wraps up the recording of her second studio album, the singer has released a still image taken from a video documenting the recording process with Jessie revealing that the picture was a part of the most emotional song she has ever written.

She says that she may release the video one day, but if she does, it’ll be when she’s ready to share the personal footage with the world.

The singer previously announced that she would like to convey the same pain and heartbreak that was seen in Adele’s 21 album and if the image is anything to go by, she may be sticking to her word.

Producer Claude Kelly, who co-wrote several songs on Jessie’s Who You Are album, was in the studio with the singer while she recorded the emotional song and posted another picture of the singer, who seemed to be emotionally drained as she sat down in a chair, facing away from the camera:

Sometimes the music makes you cry…. @jessiej is feeling it right now. #album2


I’m actually really excited about this album. I’ve always wondered why she made reductive pop songs with such a great voice, and it seems like she’s aiming for an album with more substance this time.

Can’t wait to see what she comes up with.