Jessie J has been hard at work on her second studio album over the last few months and at last night’s Brit awards, the singer revealed a brand new song title taken from the upcoming project.

Speaking to Rizzle Kicks, Jessie revealed the title of one of the songs that will be included on the album, saying:

There is one song on the album called Strip, and I feel like it’s appropriate tonight, because that’s how I feel

She said she was going to New York in two days to continue finishing tracks and has been producing about seven songs a session.

I’m really interested in hearing the song as well as Jessie’s new album, she seems to be adapting to a more mature and racy image, so I wonder how it will play into her next album.

I just hope she doesn’t try too hard to do the sex sells route, as it may end up coming across a little desperate since she’s never really been known to be a sex symbol.