Kanye West’s recent gigs at Hammersmith Apollo got many of his fans desperately trying to bag themselves some tickets as he announced two late-notice shows in the west London arena.

However, the music or the exclusivity of being able to attend this sold-out gig wasn’t what got attendees talking afterwards; the rapper went on a number of rants about the music industry and even brought up Taylor Swift’s VMAs win against Beyonce four years ago:

And of course, Twitter users had something to say about his questionable behaviour:

kanye-tweet3 kanye-tweet4 kanye-tweet5

He then continued by saying that the Grammys could “suck his dick” and he’s cool with Jay-Z but he “ain’t fucking with that Suit and Tie”:


His choice of fashion was also a talking point as the singer donned a strait-jacket…

kanye-tweet1 kanye-tweet2

… And accessorising with a diamond mask.


A diamond mask?!

He then chose to close the gig in an… interesting manner by screaming wildly then tossing the microphone:

Get well soon Kanye.