After releasing their long awaited debut album DNA last year, music fans believed that Little Mix would lead the way for young teen girl bands in the UK, but since the X  factor winners released their project last year, they failed to meet similar commercial success that One Direction have.

After coming third place on the music television competition back in 2010, One Direction have gone on to become global phenomenons and sell more than 3 million albums worldwide.

With such success, the members of Little Mix have revealed they find it difficult competing with the group and meeting the same level of stardom as the teen sensations.

They also expressed their disappointment in the boy band outselling them last year, when they released their single DNA.

Yeah, we were kind of disappointed because it sold really well. I think it was just the timing because One Direction at the time shot straight to number one with Little Things It’s always hard to compete with the 1D lads.

It’s interesting that the group have not blown up in a similar fashion to the boys, as they are all talented vocalists and not just pretty faces slapped on a CD.

And considering there’s not many teen girl groups around their age that cater to young audiences, it’s surprising that they’re not receiving similar attention remotely.

It should be noted that their album was released only four months ago, so they do still have time to generate wider interest from the public, but why do you feel the band have yet to blow up in the same way as the boys?

Is it poor promotion, weak material?

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