Remember when we told you that Little Mix desperately needed to get themselves a stylist?

Well it looks like the girls took this advice on board, however their chosen stylist doesn’t seem to have been able to make the singers separate styles mesh any better than before.


Alexis Knox, a celebrity fashion stylist and DJ, first styled the group in sexy schoolgirl and prisoner costumes (which she designed herself) back in December for their Notion Magazine shoot.


The London based stylist wrote on her blog:

We thought about each girl and their signature style to guess what we thought they would like

Little Mix must have liked the fact that Alexis took their individual styles in to account as they chose to have her style them for last night’s Brit Awards too.


They might as well not have bothered though, as no one would have guessed that the girls had hired a stylist because their outfits failed to complement each other once again, with each of them sporting dissimilar dresses.

Pappzd Verdict: Hang the stylist