Zoe Jordan AW!£

With today being the first day of London Fashion Week, I went down to some of the shows to see what some of the designers came up with for their Autumn/Winter 2013 collections.

Zoë Jordan show:

The Zoë Jordan show was the first to kick off this season’s fashion week at the Somerset house with a collection consisting of heavy knits, monochrome and bright pops of colour; giving us a taste of some of the trends set to be seen in Autumn/Winter 2013.

And as ever, a number of celebrities were present to take a look at the collection:

Rohmir Show:

The Rohmir show took place at the Freemason’s Hall in Holborn where we could see some more of the upcoming trends for later this year.

The collection consisted of pieces made from felt, fringed clothing, textured pieces and monochrome. Leather pieces and panelled clothing was also heavily featured on the catwalk.

And again, there were some recognisable faces to check out Rohmir’s take on the trends for 2013 Autumn/Winter:

Look out for more Fashion Week posts from Pappzd over the next week.