Would you help if you knew how or would you panic and flee?

Youngsters from within gang culture communities are to be taught lifesaving first aid lessons so they can help future stab victims.

A group called Street-Doctors, made up of volunteer doctors and medical students, aim to show youths how to recognise symptoms of blood loss, how to manage penetrating wounds and CPR, until help arrives.

Originally called The Liverpool Project, their goal is to stop ‘bleeding on the streets’, and with successful lessons happening in Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield, it is soon to hit London.

I think this is a clever idea, as knife crime in London is higher than ever; but with many victims of stabbing being targeted when they are alone, who’d be around to help them? What I would really like to see (as many people would) is no stabbings in the first place.

What a perfect world that would be.

What do you guys think? Would you help someone if you knew how? Let us know.