Annoying bell ringing trio

Annoying bell ringing thugs

A 39-year-old man, who was traveling on the N25 bus towards Ilford on 30 December last year, has told the Evening Standard why he was beaten unconscious by three men after he asked them to stop pressing the bell.

Bronson, a name given to him by the Standard, said;

I sat downstairs by the back door behind the glass. These guys behind me kept pressing the stop button and the bus driver was getting annoyed. I turned round and said: ‘Don’t do that, it’s not necessary’.

Then, without warning one of the men hit Bronson on the side of the head before all three jumped on top of him, attempting to drag him off the bus with them.

Victim: Bronson

Victim: Bronson

Bronson lost a front tooth and sustained other damaged teeth and facial injuries during the one minute attack.

The three men were last seen fleeing down Romford Road, by the junction of Rabbits Road, at approximately 2am.

Police are still searching for the annoying bell ringing trio.