The new Windows 8-toting tablet/laptop has sold out in the US.

Microsoft said:

Customer response to the launch of Surface Pro has been amazing. We’re working with our retail partners who are currently out of stock of the 128GB Surface Pro to replenish supplies as quickly as possible.

This is quite an achievement for the Surface Pro considering it has only just been launched.

The original Surface tablet (launched in November 2012 in the UK) runs Windows 8 RT, which is a slightly stripped down version of Windows 8, whereas the Surface Pro runs the FULL version of Windows. This means the Pro has the advantage of being compatible with all Microsoft apps and is closer to a laptop than most tablets on the market.

The Surface Pro’s specs are also nothing short of exceptional.

There is a 1.7GHz Intel Core i5 processor sitting inside, an amazing full HD screen, plus a full-size USB port, Mini DisplayPort (for connecting to big screens) and a microSDXC slot. Basically, you can connect this thing to nearly every device in your household!

One downside to having all of this connectivity is, well, price! The 128GB Surface Pro weighs in at a hefty $999 (around £636). For that money, you can buy a really good laptop and still take the missus out for dinner on Valentine’s day (you’d probably need to after spending this much money on a gadget).

Critics have already started circling Microsoft’s flagship tablet and say the sales have not been as high as we’re led to believe.

In 2009, Microsoft made the bold claim that they sold out of Zune HD players (does anyone actually remember what those are?). That time, stores had very little stock of the Zune so they inevitably sold out very quickly. The same is said to have happened with the Surface Pro.

We’re still waiting for the UK launch of the Surface Pro, so there is time to start saving if you’re in the market for one.

The question is, would you shell out nearly £700 on a Windows 8 tablet? Let me know in the comments below.