Horse Feathers, in association with Playlithium, has announced the release of Domo The Journey which is available on the iTunes App Store now.

Domo is a classic style 2D platform game. In the purest of side scrolling traditions, you must guide Domo through challenging zones complete with moving platforms, treacherous gaps, dangerous enemies and many more obstacles throughout ‘The Journey’.

Horse Feathers say “Domo is on an epic quest to save his best friend Tashanna, who has been kidnapped by the grouchy Hungry Bear. To rescue her, Domo will have to face dangers head-on while adventuring through five unique zones and over 25 challenging levels.”

Domo runs and jumps to collect coins and baseballs along his journey. He uses his trusty guitar and camera to frighten enemies and clear obstacles. You can also hop on snowmobiles and mine-carts for a ride through the punishing levels.

A dynamic launch trailer, that gives players a first glimpse into Domo’s Journey and game play, has been released.

Domo The Journey is available now on the iTunes App Store for £1.49

Want to try it out? Download Domo The Journey from the App Store or watch the trailer on YouTube.

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