Since the last series of X Factor ended, the buzz around Nicole Scherzinger has died down a bit.

It seems not seeing her week-in-week-out in some pretty hot outfits means people have realised they don’t actually rate her that much.

Out of sight, out of mind.

It certainly looks that way where Radio 1 is concerned

The station tweeted recently that Nicole wouldn’t be featured on their playlist for the week, as the there wasn’t enough room due to other new tracks being released.

The star, who released a single called Boomerang a few weeks ago, could probably do with all the exposure she can get, so I’m guessing this isn’t the best news ever.

It’s curious that Nicole’s X Factor judge colleague Tulisa’s album was a massive flop and now this for Nicole. Is the X Factor job a serious career killer for singers?

Because let’s face it, I doubt any artist would want to hear that their music is not important enough to be played.

That’s gotta sting a little bit. Don’t have it Nicole!