They’re almost kissing!

Harry Styles and London’s most sought after young model Cara Delevingne were first connected in the summer of last year after they were potted at various hot spots together, including the Olympic VIP club, Omega House.


Harry and Cara when they were dating

Even though the pair never publicly confirmed their relationship status, they were pictured together on numerous occasions and there were rumours that Cara’s management Storm wanted the 20 year-old model to end the relationship as they didn’t believe it was good for her image.


Pictures of and stories about the pair began to become less frequent and both young stars were soon linked to other celebrities; Cara with Justin Bieber and Harry Styles with Taylor Swift.

Rita Ora has taken to referring to Cara as her ‘wifey’, claiming she has ‘taken her off the market’; so when the two best friends bumped in to Harry Styles at The War Child concert last night, anyone would assume that Rita would choose to support Cara in what could be an awkward encounter.


Instead, Rita chose to do quite the opposite, and got pretty up close and personal to the One Direction singer as Cara tried to look unfazed.

Oh, Cara definitely sees that

Oh, Cara definitely sees that