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All these announcements of secret, one-off, last minute, one night only gigs are confusing my brain.

And the latest artists to be rumoured to be jumping on the random London gig bandwagon is Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. Artist tracking website Songkick posted details of a show featuring the two artists on Easter Sunday, but was quickly removed shortly after.

The whole point of the Songkick site is that fans can track where their favourite singers will be next – and that is where Songkick said Beyonce and JT will be.

The show is rumoured to be taking place at The Garage in Islington, leading fans to believe it will be a very small and intimate gig.

A whole show with just them two would be very interesting – apart from Beyonce featuring on the remix of Justin’s End of Time song, the two haven’t worked together.

However, the two have been in the studio together working on their upcoming albums, so a joint show wouldn’t be totally random.