Earlier this month a new online dance trend was born when a video was posted on YouTube by a group of young men in various fancy dress outfits shacking out to The Harlem Shake.

YouTube has exploded with copy cat videos of every theme you could imagine with all kinds of creative twists. Spin-off videos include the same concept but are set underwater, in offices, news studios, army bases and universities.

The clips generally begin with one person moving along to the start of the song whilst everyone else in the room carry on about their every day business. As soon as the beat drops, the whole room goes nuts with everyone joining in and suddenly donning completely random costumes and props.

Comedian The Vujanic posted his version yesterday set at a bus stop, however this has now been flagged as one of the participants got caught up in all the excitement, choosing to pull down his boxers and flash his bum cheeks!

The Vujanic seemed determined to remain within the online Harlem Shake community though, as he posted a second version filmed in a library.

Jamal Edwards and the SB.TV team are also representing the UK in the Harlem Shake game, posting their own video from the SB.TV offices in London.

Baauer is the American producer behind the Trap Music track, and even though the song was released in the summer, Baauer hasn’t recorded an official video. With the online craze helping the song make its way up the charts, everyone will surely be waiting for an official music video.

If Baauer chooses to compile some of the existing online videos rather than shooting his own version, do you think The Vujanic and SB.TV stand a chance of being amongst them?

We hope so.