A luxurious haircare brand owned by L’oreal has chosen Shingai Shoniwa as the first celeb to represent their brand.

The lead singer of the Noisettes will be the global ambassador for Mizani, and quite frankly, who better than someone who is not only known for her music, but moreover, her quirky styling with big hair do’s and eccentric hats.

Shingai expressed her love for the Mizani brand:

I’m a huge fan of Mizani’s products and their philosophy, so I’m honoured to have been selected to represent the brand as their first ever celebrity ambassador.

Mizani’s senior production manager, Tumi Soyinka said

There was no other female who came to mind as powerfully as she did.

Shingai is an intelligent, beautiful, aspirational and strong, successful British woman who wholly embodies the ethos of our premium haircare brand, to which she is no stranger

Congratulations to Shingai, but the question is, will the new ambassador convince you to buy the Mizani hair products?