Sony has started sending out invites for a big event on 20 February. Very few details have been revealed about the nature of this event, but the signs are pointing towards a PlayStation 4 announcement.

The invite itself has the unmistakeable PlayStation symbols all over it (square, triangle, circle and cross). There is also a short video with these symbols flying around in typical Sony fashion.

PlayStation 4 rumours have been circulating ever since the PS3 was launched and the codename ‘Orbis’ has been mentioned a few times. Reports also suggest the new console will be more powerful than the upcoming Xbox720, but have less RAM.

People in the industry believe Sony is gearing up for a winter 2013 release, which would be just in time for the Christmas rush. So to all the parents and gamers out there, it might be time to start saving!

Sony has made a website where you can register for info. To sign up, just go to this link and type in your email address.

I’ll be following any announcements very closely, so stay tuned to Pappzd for updates.

What features would you like to see in the PlayStation 4? Let me know in the comments below.