RnB girl group Stooshe were set to release their debut album on 25 June 2012, but the project has already seen two major push backs, despite the group releasing three singles from the project last year.

However, the new release date for their project is slated for release on 20 May 2013 – that’s almost a year after the album was set to originally hit the shelves.

The girls have revealed that the reason for the push back was due to them simply being unsatisfied with the material. The group told BBC Newsbeat:

We didn’t want to put it out with it not being perfect, so we took a bit more time, wrote a few more songs, and then we’re going to bring it out.

They’re set to release a new single titled Let It Slip within the coming weeks, but they’ll need to make sure they do everything within their power to make sure the song is a hit if they hope for any type of success with their debut album.

I feel like they’ve already taken a risk by holding the project back for so long; the general public’s attention span is very short and I’m not sure they’ve done enough to keep or gain a lot of public interest.

Are you anticipating Stooshe’s debut album? Do they even have your attention? Or have you forgotten they exist?