SwiftKey is a popular keyboard app available for Android devices. It can cleverly learn how you type by looking at your text messages, Gmails and even Twitter posts (once you give the app permission to do so).

SwiftKey has been around for a while and the prediction engine is impressive.

It is smart enough to know what you are trying to spell and even predicts which words you are most likely to type next!

For example, if you regularly write “Pappzd” in messages and tweets, all you have to do is start typing ‘Pa’ and Swiftkey will suggest Pappzd. To input the suggested word you just press the spacebar or select it from the list of other suggested words. Simple!

So what was already a very good keyboard has just become even better with the addition of a feature called ‘flow’.

‘Flow’ allows you to slide your finger from letter to letter in a continuous motion instead of pressing each individual key (similar to Swype and the standard Android keyboard in 4.2 Jellybean). This input method is extremely quick and accurate, so it can save precious time when typing long messages.

When using the ‘flow’ feature, suggested words appear with each letter you slide your finger over. Once Swiftkey shows the word you want, just lift your finger off the screen and that word is put into your message.

I’ve been using SwiftKey for a few months and a lot of my messages consist of me typing the first letter of a word, followed by space, and the app does the rest! It all works extremely well.

The app is available in the Google PlayStore; if you already have Swiftkey, the update is free.

Have you tried SwiftKey? Let me know in the comments below.