Moment girls fled after attack

Moment girls fled after attack

CCTV images have been released by Birmingham police showing three young girls giggling to themselves after hitting another girl on the bus.

The three girls were travelling on the 22 bus on 2 January when they hit the victim around the head, taking her iPhone and fleeing at the next stop.

But what has made this story stick out to me is how other news sources have described these three teens.

"Cheap leather jackets, jeans and large hoop earrings"

“Cheap leather jackets, jeans and large hoop earrings”

Now I don’t condone what they did and they deserve to be caught and punished for their actions, but one news source in particular calls the girls a gang and describes them wearing:

cheap leather jackets, jeans and large hoop earrings

Firstly, just because an iPhone was stolen by the girls doesn’t make them a gang. And secondly, we all know they wanted to label them as ‘chavs’ so why the disrespect to cheap leather jackets? I mean, we all go to Primark!


Anyway rant over.

Birmingham police are still looking for the attackers after they disappeared from view once jumping off the bus, leaving the victim with bruises to her head and back.