The MEM Fitness team

The MEM Fitness team

The launch of MEM Fitness Training Programme took place at Anaya nightclub in Mayfair yesterday, to promote the launch of the programme which aims to get young troubled teens into fitness.

The MEM programme – which stands for Mentoring, Educating, Motivating – was founded in 2008 by Derrick Twum, 38, who grew up in the Bronx, New York and wanted to help youngsters who found themselves on the wrong tracks like he did when he was younger.

Derrick Twum

Derrick Twum

As a teen, Derrick found himself geting into the gang culture on the streets of New York and eventually ended up serving a 15 year jail term for drug dealing charges.

He started the idea in 2008 when he got into modelling and fitness training and trained himself into the physique he has today:

I was so skinny as a kid, you could see my heart beating through my chest. But I’ve always wanted to be bigger and muscly and when I got into fitness it became more than just body transformation; it became a lifestyle and discipline and helped me to get out of the lifestyle I was in when I was younger.

Derrick who is of Ghanaian origin and the current Mr Africa UK has trained celebrities such as The Streets’ Leo the Lion told us that he wanted to give youth something to do, other than get themselves into a life of trouble:

I want to give back and be more than just a role model to the youth. I want the MEM group to be like superheros. I want to give back to the youth.

Designed around the way Derrick used to train when he was in jail, the fitness programme uses minimal gym equipment and is designed to get those who cannot afford to go to the gym, into living a healthier lifestyle.


The MEM Fitness team consists of a number of male trainers and one female MEM girl, who offer exercise classes and videos. Derrick also told us that in the future, he hopes to branch the brand out into fitness centres and a clothing range.

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