A legion of A list stars made an appearance at Cecconi’s in West Hollyood last night to celebrate the arrival of the latest Topshop in LA.

The LA branch will be the 4th Topshop opened in America.


Marketed towards the young fashion conscious generation, with the stores pumping loud music and selling affordable on trend clothes, the chain’s flagship store in Oxford Circus and their other 300 UK stores have become a fashion mecca for our generation.

Topshop Topman LA Flagship Store Opening Party - Arrivals

Sir Philip Green made the bold decision to take on America back in 2009 when he opened America’s flagship Topshop in New York.

Keeping within the British theme, the party was held at Italian restaurant Cecconi’s, another chain which has enjoyed much success in the UK before opening in West Hollywood.


Guests posed in front of a branded black cab and Union Jack – a reminder of the origins of the hugely successful chain.

Celebrities in attendance included Chris Brown, Kanye West,, Nicole Sherzinger, Solange and Jennifer Lopez.

After recently taking inspiration from the UK music scene in some of their latest releases, these US artists seem keen to get their hands on our latest fashion offerings too!

God knows some of them need to! *Cough Kim*