RnB sensation Trey Songz brought his long awaited Chapter V tour to London to support his latest album of the same title at the iconic Hammersmith Apollo arena.

The evening started off with fans queuing for hours upon hours, some even brought blankets and pillows to camp out on the concrete ground (now that’s dedication!), eagerly anticipating the opening of the doors to the arena.


While I was queuing in the guest list line, I was able to speak to three dedicated fans Trishala, Rav and Ayesha who claimed they’re huge Trey fans, following his career since the very beginning .

Once I spoke to them, I was able to get a clear understanding of their love for the singer – who has been hailed as the Prince of RnB.


I’ve been waiting for around 30 minutes, but I saw him here yesterday too, it was amazing! I love everything about him, the way he looks, the way he is, just everything!


I’ve been a Trey fan all of my life, (well as long as I can remember!) my favourite song of his is Already Taken and my favourite album would definitely have to be Chapter V. I haven’t seen him live before, but I’m expecting him to be amazing because he has such a beautiful voice.


My favourite Trey album is Trey day, I’ve never seen him live before so I’m expecting loads of screaming girls. I really love the way he sings and how he relates to his fans.



Once the doors were finally opened by security, thousands of screaming girls stormed through the railings and into the arena doors as they awaited the 28-year-old musician. The arena was full of a wide mix of fans, ranging from different ages, races, sexes, surprisingly with a lot of young couples.

The show kicked off with British newcomer Angel, Trey’s opening act, performing his UK top 10 hit Wonderful, which proved popular with the crowd as thousands were screamed lyrics back at him.

Though his set was quite short due to the lack of current material, Angel showed all the makings of a star.

Perhaps the UK has found their answer to the British equivalent to Trey in Angel? We’ll just have to wait and see.

As Angel left the stage, the audience tried to mentally prepare themselves for the main act of the night and just after 9:00pm the black curtain had dropped, the lights of the arena had dimmed and Trey Songz had arrived…

As the curtain unraveled, thousands of screaming girls went into a frenzy as Trey’s live band began to play and his silhouette began to emerge.


Trey opened up the show with songs from his third studio album Ready – all proved to be favourites with the crowd as Trey worked each part of the stage in a cool attire of dark shades, a black jacket and jeans and pair of red and black Nike’s.


Before he went onto his next song, the singer made a slight pause and toyed around with his signature ‘Yuuuup!’ catchphrase, with the audience yelling it back at him.

He then went on to perform Already Taken telling the crowd:

It takes a special kinda woman to make a man proud.

Trey’s short speech allowed his army of female fans in the arena to react as if that special kind of women he spoke of was one of them; at least they remained optimistic.

Throughout his career, the singer has collaborated with various different artists and despite not bringing along any guest performers, Trey managed to rock out his popular collaborative efforts including Can’t Get Enough featuring J.Cole and Successful featuring Drake, on behalf of his absent partners.

Successful, a song taken from his third album Ready was probably the most inspirational song of the night and not only because of it’s thought-provoking lyrical content, but because of it’s instant connection with the audience with Trey letting them know that despite his international fame, money and riches, he’s still the same guy from Petersburg, Virginia:

Everyone knows me as Trey Songz, but back home I’m known as Tremaine Neverson!

He then went on to express a very important message to his fans regarding following their dreams.

The only person you can hold back is you, everybody say I love myself!

The audience recited the line ‘I love myself’ several times, enough to convince the singer the message he tried to convey had been understood clearly enough for him to proceed with the rest of the nights set list.


The second half of the show was much more intimate and vulnerable, almost like a couples affair, as the lighting softened reflecting the ‘love song’ section of the show that was to take place.

While performing Can’t Be Friends, Trey took a step back in the distance, (so that he was not visible), while still providing his live vocals as his dancers performed to the song, almost like a narrative piece.

While Trey dashed off stage for a quick wardrobe change, a racy video popped up on the LED screen of Trey involved in an intimate act with an unidentified female, as the two went on to make their way from the shower to the bedroom.

The short clip didn’t seem to go down to well with female fans – better known as ‘Trey’s Angels’ – as they went on to heavily boo the mystery female in the clip, perhaps out of jealousy.

Trey returned with an underrated gem of his, Panty Dropper, which saw several audience members slow grinding on each other, almost recreating their very own music videos and forgetting they were in a room full of people!

Panty Dropper led us into Love Faces which saw one member of the audience throw their red underwear on stage and another throw a purple pair.


For the final section of the gig, Trey plugged his most recent singles taken from his latest album Chapter V including Simply Amazing, which the singer  noted had taken off in the UK before it had seen success stateside.

As the show began to wrap up, Trey wasn’t done until his dedicated Angels got their shout outs. One fan in particular named Sidney, had been to every UK date of Trey’s sold out shows and her support hadn’t gone unnoticed as Trey invited her on stage, thanking her continued dedication, eventually teasing her by taking off his sweaty vest and giving it to her as a souvenir and giving her his gold chain off his neck and placing it round her own.


He finished off with a friendly hug and asked her to head backstage to wait for him once the show had finished for a very deserving and informal meeting with him.

After a brief intermission from his all male live band, Trey closed the show with the uptempo club record, 2 Reasons, which saw the audience jump up and down with lots of high energy after listening to the slow section of his live set for most of the show.

As the show came to an end, Trey made his way back to platform he had sprung from upon his arrival to the stage and waved goodbye while thanking everyone for coming out for the night, before he disappeared below the stage.

Overall the experience taught me a lot about Trey Songz; he has a distinct awareness of his vocal ability and sang every song live, which is rare in an industry that seems to currently be plagued with auto-tune and pre-recorded vocals. He also has a clear understanding of his lane, which is strictly RnB, and who knows, maybe 10 years from now Trey will be able to solidify his name amongst some of the RnB greats, or at least one of the greatest of his generation.

One thing’s for sure, with not many males currently dominating the charts or the genre, after the night was done Trey proved to many why he’s more than fitting of his current Prince of RnB title.

Did any of our readers attend any of Trey’s UK dates? If so, did the singer meet or fall short of your expectations?