Scottish glamour girl Suzanne McFadden

You might remember Suzanne McFadden, the Scottish glamour girl we wrote about a couple of months back in relation to Big Sean.

Well she’s found herself in the news again after finding herself at the wrong end of a Trey Songz freestyle.


Trey Songz asked Suzanne to “get them out” over the microphone in the club

Reports we’re hearing from multiple sources indicate that Suzanne was at Trey’s Glasgow concert afterparty at Club Cirque last night.

According to these reports, whilst she was in the VIP section shortly after 2am, Trey Songz picked up the microphone and demanded that Suzanne take her top off and show the crowd her boobs for his friend’s birthday, saying “get them out.”


The crowd joined in with chants of “get them out”

The entire club then turned on Suzanne and began chanting “get them out,” leaving her feeling distressed and upset.


Trey tries to hide his face as pictures are taken after the incident

When Suzanne refused, she was confronted by members of Trey’s entourage who again demanded that she remove her top and show the club her boobs. And when Suzanne still refused to go topless at Trey Songz’ request, she was promptly ejected from the VIP section.

Our source told us

Trey Songz twice asked her to reveal her breasts. When she refused he barked over the microphone, ‘Get her out of here’.

Humiliated and disgusted by the RnB star’s actions, she left the club, apparently shocked that he could treat his fans this way.

What do you think, should she have got them out? Isn’t that what a glamour girl’s job is? Maybe it was her night off, we don’t know.

Tell us what you think.