Tulisa has taken legal action against Will.i.am claiming that she had originally recorded the chart topping single Scream & Shout with Will’s musical partner Jean Baptiste and intended to put it on her debut album The Female Boss.

The album flopped, only reaching No.35 in the charts last year.

Much to Tulisa’s despair, Will.i.am took the song and recorded it with Britney Spears instead. Ouch! A source told the Sun,

Tulisa is still fuming with Will for taking the song off her. The fact the song blew up only makes it worse.

Adding salt to the wound is the claim from Tulisa that she wrote parts of the song and deserves to be paid for her contribution to the chart topping hit! The source added

She’s well within her right to claim some of the publishing money. If she proves the words are hers, she could get a huge pay-out.


One of the lyrics that she is suing The Voice UK coach Will.i.am over is, “When you hear this in the club, you’d better turn this shit up.”

I wouldn’t say her contribution was ground breaking… but if she does prove that she did in fact write any lyrics on the track, she’ll be also listed as a co-writer.

If Tulisa had kept the track it would’ve been titled I Don’t Give A F*** and most likely would’ve struggled to gain much success, just like her album.

So in hindsight, she should be slightly grateful that Will.i.am and Britney Spears took her amazing, brilliant, incredible, astonishing and magnificent lyrics global.