A woman has been caught on video shouting abuse at patients at Ipswich Hospital waiting room.

The incident which took place on Saturday evening, was recorded by 23-year-old Nigerian born student Gina Thompson and shows the woman asking Gina and her friend, a 21-year-old Spanish student where they’re from then blaming them for the country being “in crisis”.

Gina, who has been in the country for two years studying, was at the A&E department of the hospital with her friend who had sprained her ankle.

In the video, the woman asks the two where they’re from and Gina, who currently pays £13,000 a year for her university tuition answers, “Why does it matter where I’m from?” The woman is then seen replying, “…because you’re coming over here and you’re pleading poverty. I’m not well.”

Gina said of the incident:

It made me feel low of myself. I had to go back home and question why it was wrong I was here. I’ve never been racially or verbally abused. My friend was surprised. She was scared, she was terrified.

The woman in the video has since been arrested and faces a total of five charges: one for assaulting a police officer, two charges of racially aggravated assault and two charges of assault. She is due in court on 20 February.