Say what you want about the guy, but Wiley certainly is entertaining as the rapper has shared some of the most hilarious Valentine’s Day theories with his Twitter followers this morning and probably the funniest theories we’ve ever seen!

The rapper posted some of his favourite Valentine’s Day theories and here are just some that really caught my attention and I found particularly funny:

wiley-valentines-tweet1wiley-valnetines-tweet2wiley-valentines-tweet3wiley-valentiens-tweet4 copywiley-valentines-tweet6

Haha! The fact that most of these bear some truth is what makes the tweets that extra bit funnier, I do wonder however if some of the tweets are from his own past experiences? Is there something you’re not telling us Wiley?

The rapper then went on to dedicate his Valentine’s Day love towards Nicki Minaj and Adele:


Not quite sure if the two women will find this gesture flattering or slightly creepy but at least he remains optimistic with his love options.

So much for him previously stating that his Twitter account would only be used for promotional purposes, we’re glad you decided to change your mind Wiley!