With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many single people are desperately trying to find ‘the one’ (or ‘the one for the night’).

Thankfully, there are now more ways to find that person (whether or not they actually work is up for debate).

A new app called Would Love 2 gives Facebook users the chance to select friends they would love 2 [insert whatever you would love 2 do with them here – we’re going with bang because that’s where the idea came from] and put them into a locker.

Your selections are kept private so nobody ever knows you would love to bang them until one of them puts you into their locker. Once that match is made, both of you get a notification.

Whether or not you choose to follow up on these notifications, is completely up to you. That’s the magic though, it takes the rejection out of finding out who you fancy that fancies you back.

Would Love 2 is a British app very similar to the American app Bang with Friends. That app amassed 20,000 users within four days of launch.

The differences between these apps is in how they are pitched. Would Love 2 is the creation of Phillipa Adam and, being a British app, says it aims to “take the rejection out of dating.”

Yeah, call it what you want. Everybody knows dating is just a euphemism for banging nowadays anyway. This just means you have to eat out or something first before you munch out.

Bang with Friends on the other hand, goes down the route of “finding friends who are down for the night.” Be careful not to get the two mixed up!

Just look at the logo for Bang With Friends at the top-left of the image below!

And these guys aren’t messing about. You see the How It Works link at the top-right of their page. This is what you see when you click that.


Did you clock closely the URL too?

Do you know anybody using these apps, would you use them? Share your experiences with us..