26-year-old Alexander Stampp from Thorton Heath has been given a six month suspended sentence for four counts of common assault in court for domestic violence against his girlfriend.

Despite attacking his girlfriend Roxanne Spalding on multiple occasions, threatening to kill her and showing no remorse for his crimes, his jail sentence was also suspended for 18 months.

The first attack was in April last year where Stampp strangled Roxanne at her flat until she passed out and collapsed on the floor. In another incident he punched Roxanne in the face and threatened to burn down the house of a neighbour who said they’d report him for the assault.

Then in July, Stampp slammed Roxanne’s face into the kitchen sink with such force that a fork stabbed her in the neck. And in the final attack in August, Stampp beat his girlfriend until she was unconscious following an argument between them.

Bench chairman Graham Reed said to Stampp:

You have shown no remorse or accepted any responsibility for offences which were committed over a period of months.

He was given a six month sentence for each charge – to be served consecutively – and was also made to do 250 hours of community service and pay £200 in compensation to Roxanne Spalding.