Bandmate Antony Costa of popular RnB/Pop group Blue, has opened up on financial struggles he had experienced once the group had split, including being forced to move back home with his parents and the dramatic decrease in his salary of £250,000 a month whilst touring to £400 a month acting in Blood Brothers.

The 31-year-old singer revealed he had been unable to pay for his £7,000 a month home in the countryside and was left with no option but to move back home with his parents and even ended up sleeping some nights on a friend’s sofa.

Antony claims that he had not been sensible with his earnings while being a member of the group and says he had not been advised on how to save his money properly:

I wasn’t saving any of my money along the way and I had champagne taste with lemonade money in the end. I thought Blue was going to last forever and any money I did have left at the end of Blue I wasn’t advised on how to save it but I don’t blame anyone for that.

The band have since reunited and will release their first UK album in ten years titled Roulette on 15 April, although the album has already been released in other European markets since January of this year.

Antony confirms that the band now have a great team behind them, to prevent any type of financial dramas occurring like before.:

We are now properly advised and we know where every penny is going, so this time around everything is clearer and makes more sense than ten years ago.

Let’s hope so.