Now, regular readers will know that in the two years since we started we’ve hardly set a foot wrong. Sort of.

Anyway, earlier today we syndicated a story from another publisher (a national newspaper, in fact), a practice that is standard in the news industry.

The story was about former N-Dubz producer and artist Fazer and told that he had been refused entry to the VIP area at Rihanna’s River Island launch afterparty and that he shouted “You’re not even that fit.”

We received a message from Fazer’s management team advising that the story was wholly inaccurate, and naturally we asked them for clarification.

We were told,

Fazer was personally invited to the party both by River Island and Rihanna’s team.

He is a friend of Rihanna and has worked with her on previous occasions, most notably during writing sessions at Metropolis Studios in London.

Fazer attended the party and entered the VIP area without problem where he stayed for around an hour before leaving to go home to his new baby daughter and family.

While it is true that certain A-List global celebrities were not permitted entry to VIP, Fazer was not one of them.

OK, so that told us. Fazer also tweeted


We have checked and verified this to be the correct version of events.

Therefore we apologise unreservedly to Fazer and have duly slapped ourselves on the wrist for not thoroughly fact-checking this syndicated story.