At this rate, Azealia Banks will have started beef with the entire industry before her debut album is even released, as earlier this morning the rapper tried to start yet another online beef with one of her peers Rita Ora over a pair of jelly shoes.

Yup, Jelly. Shoes.

Azealia felt like she was the only person on earth commissioned to wear jelly shoes as the rapper seemed very bothered that Rita had shared a picture of herself in a pair of blue jelly shoes, claiming that she was bringing the once popular footwear back into style:

Did u ever think you’d see these again? I DID! I’m bringin them back! #jellys #throwback yeeeaaaa


However, this didn’t seem to sit to well with Azealia as she claimed she had worn them last year so therefore Rita was not setting any new trends or bringing them back into style.

Azealia responded to Rita’s Instagram post with the following tweets:

Azealia-rita-jelly-tweets copy

As usual, Rita didn’t rise to the Twitter comments.

Don’t you just feel like you’re in school reading Azealia’s tweets? I really have lost track of how many people she has fallen out with over trivial matters on Twitter; she definitely must hold a legendary record.

Honestly, anyone could be her next online target, I wouldn’t even be surprised if she gets into a confrontation with Lord Alan Sugar, however I definitely think he would shut her up so… can somebody make this happen please?!