We may as well have an Azealia Banks beef section on Pappzd as it never seems to end!

The rapper threw some shots at Rita Ora on Twitter earlier today over claims that Rita had made about trying to bring jelly shoes back into fashion – claims that Azealia immediately shut down as she stated she had worn them last year and this evening.

The rapper continued to take further shots at Rita on Twitter.

Azealia and Rita are both currently on tour in Australia for the Future Music Festival 2013 and the rapper claimed that Rita had tried to climb over the wall of her dancers’ dressing room and take some snaps. She also said Rita had been aggravating her the entire tour and even said Rita was just mad because she is Rihanna’s understudy.

Check out the motor mouth rapper’s Twitter rant below:


Wow, I literally have no words.

This girl is beyond ridiculous, she’s seriously damaging her career before it’s even started.

Where is her team to tell her that her actions are not OK?

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Rihanna somehow joined in on this beef, seeing as her name is attached to it.

I mean, this is her sort of crowd isn’t it?