For some reason, out of practically nowhere, the Twitter beef between K Koke and Dappy rehashed itself today when K Koke tweeted:


This was in relation to the Tweef the rappers had had previously.

Dappy decided to respond with:dappy-tweet2

They then went back and forth for a while…k-koke-tweet3 k-koke-tweet4 k-koke-tweet5

And K Koke even offered to fight Dappy for charity…

Hmm… OK:k-koke-tweet6

But Dappy, who hadn’t replied to Koke for a while, finally tweeted:


K Koke then decided to bring Dappy’s baby mother into it, with a Instagrammed screenshot of her tweet:

k-koke-tweet8 k-koke-tweet9

And Dappy, for some reason decided to drag Kaye into the argument by insulting her:dappy-tweet10

The mother of your children? Not cute.

Especially since Kaye was busy defending Dappy at the time:


I really didn’t need to see that image again.

However, Dappy ignored her support and replied to K Koke with a picture of himself and two lovely ladies:



Dappy then continued by questioning whose career had more longevity:



I wish you’d sort it out, guys!