It’s highly likely that almost everyone on planet earth has heard the hit single Stan, by Eminem featuring Dido. It was therefore not surprising when news broke out about Kendrick Lamar collaborating with Dido, people were anticipating nothing but an amazing track!

Speaking to The Sun, Dido expressed her fanatic love for Kendrick:

Basically, I love him and was really into him before his album came out. I just loved his voice and the darkness of his song.


In addition, Dido revealed her adoration for the popular Compton rapper:

His album Good Kid, MAAd City is simply genius.

In regards to how the collaboration came about, it seems Kendrick Lamar made it an easy and pleasant exchange, as she explains:

I sent him Let Us Move On and he just came out with this verse that completely related to the song. It made it way better.

Dido also revealed that she has not kept in contact with Eminem, what a shame. But to be honest he doesn’t really seem like a social networking type of guy.

Lucky for all of us the track featuring Kendrick Lamar was leaked online:

Dido’s much anticipated album, Girl Who Got Away, is set to be released on 4 March 2013 and is her first record in five years.

What do you think of Dido’s latest collaboration?