Blackfriars Crown Court heard that the Eastenders star who stands trial for the one count of oral rape and three counts of sexual assault against a 14-year-old boy, allegedly headbutted his victim before sexually assaulting him.

The attack, took place in the stairwell of Wimbledon Theatre stage school, with the victim telling the court:

He pulled down my trousers. He started touching me and said he wanted to see. So I pushed him away.I think he was touching my bottom.

He headbutted me. He pushed me against the wall and was holding me against the wall. His forearms were against my chest.

Today, the victim then told the court that the accused pulled the his boxers down and put his mouth on the victim’s penis for a few seconds.

The allegedly victim then told the court that the assault was interrupted by a member of staff who asked if anyone was on the stairwell. The accused then whispered, telling the victim to “keep quiet” and went up the stairs.

When the victim was asked by the court why he didn’t tell of the assault which happened in 2010 earlier he said:

I was shocked I was scared. Everything that had gone on – I wasn’t too sure what to think.

I was upset and I wasn’t sure what was going on or anything. I was scared to say what had happened. I was just embarrassed.

The trial continues.